Monday, October 15, 2012

Some of My Favorites

On Saturday we all went to the parade to support Zona Marie who was doing a beautiful job at dancing for the Folk Dance Team! Yaaay Marie! I was so excited when she came dancing by that I jumped up from the curb to cheer and totally forgot to use my camera and take a picture of her. To make up for it, I decided to just take pictures of the people I was with. I think each picture accurately describes my relationship with said person.

Sweet Britton stopped eating his food to take this picture with me. 
He's always so darling.

It took me three tries to get one where Nick wasn't being a butt munch. 
If he wasn't so darn cute I'd smack him.

Beautiful Janine.... and Britton.

Tim took two tries, and was much easier to handle than Nick. 

I think all of these accurately describe Janine and I.

I dearly love all of my friends in this ward. I think I finally found a place to stay... permanently.


Friday, October 12, 2012


As much as I love my new ward,

Sometimes I miss my old one.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The (not so) Awful Waffle

Last Tuesday, my friend Sierra had the cutest little blogging party over at the Awful Waffle at The Villige. The only prior experience I had with the restaurant was one time walking by them when they located across the way from J-Dawgs and my friend telling me that their name was accurate.

But I went, because there was free food, and I could meet some big bloggers and I hadn't seen Sierra in like a year. I actually am really grateful that I decided to go because my friend was wrong; The Awful Waffle was DELICIOUS. Oh my gosh was the food delectable.

Of course because I'm young and my parents don't love me (just kidding, the latter part is a total joke), I did not have my own fancy camera to take pictures with, and my medioker camera being dead, I had to document the night through other's pictures (namely Sierra's, and the Awful Waffle homepage).

So here are som pictures of the darling setup they have and some of the food they serve. They give you the option of both sweet and savory crepes, as well and Belgian waffles and pizzas. That night we were free to order whatever we wanted so naturally, being the ravenous beast that I always am, I ordered three different items. Two crepes and a side of their Frites (with every one of their sauces).

My mouth is watering right now. Seriously, they are so good. It's a great place to take dates too, in my opinion. Their interior design is darling. (See pictures of it here).

Cute group of bloggers who came.

Anyway, the Awful Waffle is great, and I will definitely be back for more. Like them on Facbook for sweet deals!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A very interesting article on the reality of the afterlife can be found here. I know yahoo isn't the best source for information, but I'm curious to hear what y'all think of the situation. Thoughts, anyone? Think he's telling the truth?


The amount of truth in this statement is abounding. Don't hesitate to tell a woman you think she looks beautiful on any given day. Chances are she needs to hear it. It's not creepy, and usually it's not unwelcome. I bet you by just saying it in passing, "Hey, you look beautiful in that shirt" or "Hey, I really like how you did you hair", will make her day, whoever she is. And the same goes for the men. You all deserve to be told you are handsome, and strong and wonderful. I know 100% of the men in my life are just that. I am so grateful for the influence of the priesthood from all of you. Thank you for your examples of strength and courage.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Called to Serve

Yikes, I have really been MIA. This week has been a good one, but a busy one at that. I feel like I haven't had a lot of time to myself, and when I do, I try to fill it with stuff like ice cream.... and cake.
(It's a sad day when an woman is wiling to admit that she'd rather fill her voids with junk food than with love, money, or cats... okay maybe not the cats...)

This weekend was exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game. I was able to spend 8 out of 48 listening to inspired men and women speak on various aspects of the gospel. This time of year is always my favorite. I feel like it's when people are the kindest, and most thoughtful. Of course, that doesn't have everything to do with General Conference (because not everyone listens to it), but I like that the important meeting falls right during this time period.

This Conference was definitely one to remember. Our beloved President and Prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson, announced that the age requirements to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would undergo a change for both men and women. After testing out the age change from young men among a small group of young men and gleaning back more than positive results, the Prophet announced that there was now the option (please note that 'option' is in bold lettering) to serve at the age of 18. THAT BEING SAID, if the young man does not feel as if he is ready to serve at that age (or even serve at all), he may still serve at 19, or 20, or whenever it is that he feels ready.

I feel that a common misconception about our church is that we force our young men to serve missions. While I am not trying to downplay the sacredness or seriousness of this calling, I am trying to point out that, while strongly encouraged, missions are not mandatory. While I am a strong believer that missions are important and bring great blessings to those serving them and those associated with people serving, I am also a strong believer that a man (or woman for that matter) should not serve if they do not desire to do so. I know missions can change people for the better, and I know that they are great (a big quality I look for in my future spouse is that he did serve a worthy, full-time mission, and I will encourage my sons to do the same), but I have also seen men who come back early or unchanged because their heart wasn't in it, or they didn't go out for the right reasons.

I feel the same, if not more strongly, about this in the case of sister missionaries. It was announced shortly after that the age requirements for women would drop from 21 to 19. That's an incredible gap of time they removed, and I can't help but feel a little bit envious of the 18 year old girls who have this option to serve at 19 (notice that word 'option').

I was discussing this revelation with my sweet roommate who is experiencing a similar reaction to the news as myself. Minutes after the announcement I received whoknowshowmany texts, Facebook posts, chats, messages, etc. about when my mission papers would be turned in. While encouragement is fabulous and, well, encouraged, I feel that sometimes we get wrapped up in the magnificence that is a mission, and forget how deeply personal of a decision it is to serve one. From my own personal experience, I have come to realize that this pressure is sometimes detrimental to the decision.

If you place all of these expectations to serve on someone they begin to feel that is the only thing that would acceptable for them to do. They begin to lose their identity and lose what is they want to do. Fear prevents them from receiving a clear answer as to what it is they should do, and sometimes they feel as if they are forced into a situation. This can lead to resentment towards their mission, and sometimes even resentment towards family and church members.

I'm not asking or imploring everyone to stop encouraging those you love to serve missions. As I stated earlier, I think serving a mission is a wonderful thing, and even I am taking the option in to serious and prayerful consideration (CONSIDERATION). I am just suggesting that we watch how we word our encouragement, and make sure that the person knows that their decision will not lead to a decrease in love for him or her.

In other news, the rest of Conference went swimmingly. I was able to attend the Sunday afternoon session with my friend Trey, my roommate Marie, and Trey's friend Stephen (WHO SOUNDS LIKE THOR).

Cute kids, huh? It was really hard to hear in the conference building for some reason (and Stephen and I kept counting how many times the couple four rows in front of us kissed every 10 minutes. Six, was the answer), but I really liked the overall message of coming to Christ and serving him. I felt that the main focus this October was missionary work and inviting our friends and family to come unto him and find not just joy, but a fullness of joy. (here's the part where I bare my testimony to y'all)

I would like to invite you to learn about what makes me happy. I love this gospel and the peace it brings to me. I feel complete and free from worry when I find that I am centering my life on the teachings of Christ. I really have found a firm foundation upon which to build my future family and career. I love this gospel and the goodness it bring into peoples' lives. Please, if you have any questions or interest, feel free to ask me. I promise not the throw my religion on you, because I know it's not what makes everyone happy, but I would love to answer any questions or concerns to the best of my ability.

You can also check out this site or contact the missionaries near you. They'll most likely be able to answer any questions you have more fully. If you'd like to hear it straight from me, contact me via e-mail, or Facebook, or read what I have to say about the Mormon church here.

I love this church and I love all of my friends and family. Thank you for everything you do for me.


*Photographs of this weekend courtesy of Trey Mortensen Photography. Check him out here

Me and Stephen. I'm pretty sure he's the Norse God of Thunder. You'd think upon meeting Thor, I'd make a more attractive face. You thought wrong. 
(Also, sometimes he likes to talk like this guy, which makes me lol.)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


For those of you who know me and know me well, this is nothing new to you. It's something you've either experienced with first hand or heard about through my inability to keep anything a secret, really. I have something known as General Anxiety Disorder. Basically I worry. You're probably thinking well we all worry about things, what makes you so special? (Don't lie, I know you were). The difference with the way you worry and the way I worry is this:

You worry about things like tests, dating, papers, health, and money issues. You get a little stressed, sleep on it, take the test, go on the date, turn in the paper (or whatever), and move on with your life. You focus on getting through today and don't really focus too much on what's coming in the future.

I worry about those things, too, but take your worry an multiply it by... well, by a lot. Add the worry of everyday things, like the dishes, laundry, talking to people, etc. (and by worry, I'm stress). It's like having a little person in your mind that never shuts up (I mean never). I worry to the point that it starts to affect my life. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I become irritable, and over time depressed. I lack motivation, focus, and meaning in my life because the stress of worrying leads to a lack of hope. In my mind there is never a good outcome, it is always bad. 

In March, the depression began to affect my school work earlier this year, and, after discussing my options with my family, and turning to the Lord in earnest prayer, I decided to try out a low dose of antidepressant medication which is often used to treat anxiety. 

The medication was rough at first. It seemed that everything that could go wrong, did. Nausea was the worst. Over time, things got better and I sank into a groove of pure relaxation. The medicine was amazing. It didn't take away the stress and the constant worry, but it allowed me to handle it. No longer did my anxiety overwhelm me. My motivation returned and I was able to focus and improve in my school work. I have my ups and downs (like forgetting medication sucks), but overall, the improvements have been drastic. 
pretty sure I look like this, occasionally. 
You're probably wondering what the point of this post is. The point it to share with others who might be struggling with anxiety or depression the fact that you are not alone. That was something I wish I had known at the beginning. 

During the whole process of figuring out how my mind worked, I often felt alone and broken. Now I know that is not the case. You are never alone, and you most definitely are not broken. 

Not only am I with you, and countless others, but the Savior is, as well. He loves you more than anyone on the face of this planet, and he knows. He knows the frustration that comes from the inability to relax, he knows the pain that comes from feelings of inadequacy, and he knows the the despair that comes from not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Don't ever give up hope, and don't ever forget that you are loved and that you are not forgotten. 

The second point in sharing my experience is the hope that you understand me a little bit better. I was discussing the idea of anxiety and other mental disorders being taboo subjects with a friend the other day, and it made me think about the way society handles such delicate situations. I shouldn't be afraid of sharing this with people, as often is the case. I am not broken, I am not crazy, and I am not anything less because I process things a little differently than everyone else around me- and neither are you

We all have trials, we all have struggles- it comes with the territory. By sharing these experiences with others, I personally believe that we can better understand one another, so that we can learn to help those around us when they really need it. If anything, this post helped me think through something that has been on my mind lately, and I hope you're okay with that. 

If you've stuck with me this long, thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated. My friends and loved ones have been my shoulders to cry on as I learn to adapt and use this way of coping with my surroundings to my advantage. 


Okay, please excuse my fangirl moment here, but can I just gush about how much I am in love with Arrested Development? Seriously, that show is the epitome of comedy for me. It's quick, witty, and even a little dirty. Everything I want in a television show (and man, but we'll get to that another time). So, if you start to notice a lot of AD quotes, gifs, and pictures around, it's because I feel that if my life were a sitcom (which we all know it ought to be), it would look like Arrested Development. If you are currently reading this and have no idea whatsoever about what it is I am speaking of, as I have said in earlier postsgo educate yourself, fool.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This is new!

So, I'm trying to get my blog out there and network and things, and I found this site. Hopefully I get better at this!

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Sorry I've been missing lately. School came down hard on me this week (that's what she said). I have some really great stories to tell you though, including football, cooking parties, blog parties, ER parties (lots of parties), callings, etc. I even have a review of The Awful Waffle to do, so I have to blog. Keep checking back, and thanks for sticking with me. Y'all are great.