Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bay & Trey!

So among the friends I've been making is this total sweetheart named Trey! He's in my ward and apartment complex and he's a lot of fun to hang out with! On Saturday I really wanted to go hiking, so I decided I'd see if he wanted to go! He said of course and we headed over to Diamond Fork in Spanish Forks.

The trail is about an hour hike up to some hot springs and about an hour back, but the hike is totally worth it. It runs along a river and really is so beautiful. The nature out here in Utah just amazes me, I mean, Florida has a beauty of it's own, but I really love the outdoorsy forests and rivers!

Playing by the water's edge!

Our destination!

A little daring, aren't we?

I just love hiking!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kid History

For everyone who hasn't seen these [yes, I mean you who live under rocks] here they are. I quote them all the time and I can thank Kellee for showing them to me:





Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am a control freak.

There. I said it.

And when I can't control things, I get unhappy and frustrated and end up doing things like pull moss off of rocks or grass or something else silly. Anything I can get my hands on and actually control is at my mercy. It causes so much unnecessary stress in my life.

If you want to see the rest of the list, you can check out my friend Alice's blog here, or just click on the picture for the original site.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Samuel the Lamanite

So today in Book of Mormon class we were going over our reading from Helaman 13-15 when Samuel the Lamanite stands on the wall and preaches to the Nephites, proclaiming:
"And now, because I am a Lamanite, and have spoken unto you the words which the Lord hath commanded me, and because it was hard against you, ye are angry with me and do seek to destroy me, and have cast me out from among you." (Helaman 14:10)
and calling out the Nephite people for hating him for speaking plainly. My teacher turned to us then and told us that his boss always told him that "Prophets comfort the irritable and irritate the comfortable".
The Quote really struck me and I felt impressed to share it with you guys, along with some thoughts and feelings I had about it. I've noticed in my life that during my "times of ease" when I tend to forget the Lord and become prideful, I find it hard to listen to the prophets words and take them to heart. It is when I am most comfortable and complacent that I need direction and chastisement the most.
During General Conference this year I really found myself having a great desire to listen and learn and find redirection in my life. I find it interesting that I had this desire [a desire I've never had this strongly before] during my time of greatest irritation and sorrow.
I personally believe this quote to be true and I think it applies to more than just spiritual matters. We need to watch out the most [in our relationships, in our jobs, etc] when we are the most comfortable because that's when we tend to make the biggest mistakes.
I'm hoping that I can make it a goal to become less complacent and strive harder to recognize the Lord's hand in my life and strive to really be a better person. I have a lot of priorities I need to get straight and I'm hoping that this is the year I finally do that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fontastic- [pun intended]

So lately I've been really interested in some cute little fonts I've found around the internet and I'd thought I'd share the place I got them from in case anyone of my, you know... 10 followers wanted some fonts or somethings.

The link through can be found on the right hand column but I'll give you the url here too:



Friday, May 13, 2011


What! What's this!? I'm... I'm sharing POETRY with you guys!? Who IS this!

Yeah, so I figured I would share a poem I wrote in 10th grade about Mormons. I really liked it... it was pretty personal to me when I wrote it, and I really didn't like any of my other poems. It's sad... if I wasn't facing a lack of inspiration I would write more. I just can't find the motivation these days. What am I going to do with myself? Anyways, here it is (after the pretty temple picture):

Is This America?
You glare at us,
spitting tobacco from
your dirty mouth.
you mutter,
spotting my family
as we cross your path.
You wonder silently
if we really are.

We hear your remark
but show no sign.
We’ve learned.

My mother eyes the rifle
clutched between your grimy hands.
You notice
and give her a quick smile-
your cold, yellow teethed, smile.

Your eyes then flick to mine
and they change.
A new found lust grows within them,
while a sudden fear
over takes my heart.

“Purty, ain’t she,”
you cackle,
running a dirty hand
across the barrel,
“Used ‘er tah kill
them maggots at
Hauns Mill.”

I flinch,
then, regretting it,
pray you don’t notice.
But, your beady eyes
are too quick
and you chuckle.

“Don’t worry purty lady,
I won hurt chyoo.”
you pause,
a malicious grin
spreading across you face,
“’Less yer Mormon.”

We halt,
suddenly fearful.
My thoughts are ransacked
as visions
of the week’s happenings
come flooding back.

I glance to my mother
as she clung to my little sister,
her eyes as wide and bright
as the moon.

My older brother
looks you in the eye,
unafraid, courageous, bold.

“And, if we are?”
He’s challenging you,
and you know it.

Your eyes glint,
interest sparking.
How you longed for a game.

You step forward,
rifle tapping
against the palm of your hand.

“Then I’ll haft a
kill yew.”
Your voice is mocking,

My brother doesn’t waver,
standing his ground.
Your anger is rising
with the hairs
along your sweaty neck.

My mom cries out,
“No Will!”
He glances to her, pleading.
She backs down quietly.
You smile,
challenge presented.
More blood
to please your thirst.

“What are you saying boy?”

Squaring his shoulders,
My brother replies,
“Why, no sir,
We’re not Mormon.”

You’re surprised,
though mostly relived-
you really didn’t want
to kill again.

But then,

“We actually prefer
to be called
Latter-Day Saints.”

you cock your gun,

Now appearing his full glory,
my brother continues,
“And this is America!
I watched my father die
at the hands of you ‘brave soldiers’
dressed as Indians
to cover your iniquities!
He died unlawfully
along with countless others
all because
you don’t believe the way we do!”

You’re amazed,
but not taken completely.
Unable to stop,
my brother finishes,

“You’ve been duped
into believing
that we have stolen your property
take your things
but, alas!
It’s the other way around.
Is this not America?
We deserve the right
to worship as we please!”

You’re through,
and you decide to
finish this.

Fully enraged,
you yell,
“You deserve nothing,
but death!”

Your palms
grow sweaty
as you pull back
on the trigger.

There is an explosion

It is over.
We lost

once again.

my brother is sprawled
across the ground.

First my father,
then my brother,

all over religion.

Is this not America?

my mother and I
run, my sister
clinging to my mother
We find safety
in the woods.

You don’t peruse,
still surprised
by your ‘act of bravery’.
your cold,

One less Mormon
to take your land.

One less Mormon
to preach about
the teachings of

‘Ol’ Joe Smith’.

But, in the woods,
I’m silent,


My mother turns to me,
as my sister lay sleeping.
She informs me that we’d get Will’s body
in the cover of darkness.
I nod, unshaken,
it’s happened before.

Once again
the images
of my father,
running into the blacksmith shop
thinking it was safe.

It soon became a death trap,
as the guns
were inserted
into openings,
leaving them unable
to escape.

But now,
father and son
were together


As I sit
next to my brother’s body that night,
I think of his words.


Why are we persecuted so?
Is the not America?
Did we not come here
for religious freedom,

because we were sick
of being killed for what
we believed?

As you lay in your bed tonight
you think of your kill,
proud that,
because of you,
there was one
less Mormon
to worry about.

As you lay in your bed,
I kneel to pray-
pray that my
posterity may worship
as they please.

I crawl into bed and dream-
dream of a better place.

Little do I know,

nothing much will change.

Though we will not be killed,
Mormons will still be
made fun of,

because we think differently.

Is this America?

Or not?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Ah! Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Starting my classes and the visit from my mom have just left me in a whirl of excitement and stress. So just a quick smack down of what happened here uhm

Awesome roommate cake!

and my momma came into town!


I start Spring term:
Dance [contemporary 240]
Book of Mormon 122
Anthropology 101

So far I am loving everything about my classes! I'm making friends [get out! I know, right?] I'm dancing again, I'm getting back into shape! Life is good!

So, for my birthday I went out wiht my momma, Claire, Alice, Marcus, Kendl and Sister Poirier and her daughter Alexi. We went to this nice little Italian restaurant called "Little Gloria's" and ate some pretty good food. I had such a blast talking with all of my friends.

It was a great birthday and such a blessing to have my mom in town. I love her so much and she really helped me out with a few personal things I have been struggling with lately. She is so wise and I am grateful that she loves me enough to really try and thoughtfully guide me. I have felt so much peace as of late because of the things I've discussed with her.

Women's Conference!