Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jump On It & the Sham-Rock-n'-Roll!

WOW! Saturday, the 19th was an exhilarating day! I headed up to campus around 10:30 and studied for a bit before I took my Marriage and Family exam (81%!). After wards, I walked down to the fields across the street from the stadium and watched my friend Alice's ward play a powder-puff game. It was really cool!!

Around 4:30, Marcus texted me and we were both super bored, so we decided to do something that we've been planning on doing forever now!


It was so much fun! I've never had a trampoline, so I wasn't very good at doing cool things, but I could front flip, somersault, jump kind of high, not get hurt, side flip, and look good doing it. Of course, Marcus could do all of that and more, like back flips and landing on his back. I don't like landing on my back....

But hey! By the end of the hour there, I was able to back flip with Marcus spotting me! Cool huh? I faced my fears with his help! What a good friend.
Man my body hurt the next day though...

That night I went out with Alice to her ward's St. Patrick's Day party. It was called:


Isn't that cool? It was so much fun! They had a live band with legit bagpipes and Irish Dancers. We played drinking games with root beer [yay Mormons!], and had pictures taken and then at the end of the night a huge dance party!

I loved the people in Alice's ward! They're all super nice and so much fun! Watching everyone dance and just be silly was really nice.

I just love my friends!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So much has happened in the past couple months, so I thought I'd share a few of the biggest things:

1. Pie Party!

Me and Marie Christensen!

So my friend Sarah threw a party a few Fridays ago and I caught a ride with Spencer and Marie Christensen up to Alpine so I could go. I wasn't sure about it at first because I had been in a pretty sour mood that day, but I was so happy I went!
We played games with lifesavers and tooth picks, feeding people pie (Spencer was my partner, and I let him down!), soda shots and then finally me, Spencer and this kid Will (he's from Florida too!) had to stand in buckets of snow and melt an ice cube under our armpits.
I won :)

2. Snow!

A really cool deer up on campus that Marcus and I saw!

Kellee and I tubing!

I survived my first winter with snow! It actually wasn't that bad! I really enjoyed the snow when it wasn't melting. The scenery out here is beautiful when it snows; however, I am so ready for spring.

3. Family Pictures!

My family took these picture in June and they finally came in! I love them!!! I miss my family so much, they are just so wonderful! Mitchell and Sophia are growing up! They're so beautiful! I love my family.

4. Hair Cut!

I went from this

To this ^ and this v

To this! Bam!

Marie Christensen gave me my wonderful new hair cut (WHICH I LOVE)! I went in to just talk and have a day where I didn't have to worry about school or anything, and I came out with bangs. She was very persuasive, and I'm glad she was so adamant about me getting them! I actually really like them. The change is always refreshing.

5. Valentines Day Bake-Fest!

So, for Valentines Day, I decided that I was going to bake cupcakes for my friends. So I stayed home that Friday night and that's exactly what I did. I baked 50+ and have the best time decorating them and listening to really girly music all by myself! It felt really good to deliver them the next couple days and see the smiles on my friends faces. I love all of my friends and I am so grateful to have them in my life!
Plus, I had a valentine! It was a lot of fun and he's a really really cool kid! We did some service at a special needs place and then hung out after wards! It was really sweet and definitely the best Valentines day I ever had.

6. Tumblr Famous!

So Marcus and I were walking in the Wilkinson building when this girl came up to me and was like 'I love your scarf, can I take a picture?', so I said yes. A week later, I end up on the BYU 'YFashion' blog. How awesome is that!? I felt so honored!

7. Friends!

My friends are seriously amazing and I am so grateful that they are always there for me. I love the shopping trips I go on with Claire and the dance parties I go to with Alice. I love the conversations and silly things I do with Marcus and the crazy things I do with Kellee. The Lord has blessed me by bringing them into my life and I count them, each and every one of them, as a special blessing in my life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Long time, no posts.

Sorry I haven't been updating anything lately. I've been so busy with school and life in general that life has just gotten away from me! I'll try and do better this time since I happen to have a lot of things coming up that are blogging worthy!!

Kellee, Me, Claire, David

First off, I went tubing in February with Kellee, Claire, and Claire's friend David. It was scary! You put me, on a tube, going like a bazillion miles an hour down and icy hill in the dark. Not to mention that Kellee and I didn't bring really warm clothing (my fault on that one there...).

Me and Kellee!

Me and Claire!

We met a couple cool people and got car sick along the way, but overall it was a fun night. I think it was really good for me to get out of the house and be with friends. These past couple of months have been particularly hard for me for many reasons:

1. School is hard.
Although, I have to say that I'm doing pretty good for my first time taking 15 credits in a semester [one being an honors class]. I'm maintaining mostly B's [I could do better, I know] and one A [but that will change because I failed the exam... literally]. Yeah, I failed my first exam. It sucked too because I studied so hard for it. I read up on all the theorists and what they believed: Fish, Dasenbrock, Vendler, Graff, Smith, Rabenowitz, Herrnstein Smith, Barthes, Brooks, Booth, Eagleton! I knew which ones wanted 'the death of the author' and who believed that authors really weren't all that bad! I knew that Eagleton was kind of a Marxist [and I knew what a Marxists was] and that Fish kind of pissed me off. I knew poetry terms and how to count rhythm, but for some reason, when I sat down and looked at the 5 pages of essay questions and then up at the clock [I only had 50 minutes], I kind of forgot everything....
Sometimes life sucks...

2. Break-ups are hard.
This one speaks for itself. You really really really like someone and really think that for once something might work out in your favor, and then it just doesn't. And then you deal with mixed emotions and comfort zones and attempts at not talking to each other [all 5 which fail]. In the end you come out, awkwardly placed in each others 'friend zones', pretending you don't feel anything. I'll get over it... I'm getting over it. It just takes time... time.... TIME.

3. Having a social life is hard.
I find myself on friday nights eating popcorn and watching really crappy reality TV shows [like 'America's Most Smartest Model']. It's like I can't make any friends outside of Claire, Alice and my ex. I mean come-on Bailey, pull yourself together! Where's that charming girl you know! Where's that girl that would walk up to anyone and make friends instantly! Where's the bubbly, happy, beautiful girl!? Oh... she's over there on the couch with a bowl of Orville's and a bottle of Gatorade watching re-runs of 'FRIENDS' and 'America's Next Top Model'. Get a life.

4. Getting dates is really hard
Because I'm too busy sitting on the couch. Just Kidding. But in all reality, I don't know how Claire does it. She has AT LEAST 2 dates a week. This is no exaggeration. Serious. I mean... do boys know that I watch re-runs of poorly made TV shows? Is one of them spreading it around? No, I just happen to live in a complex of 20 somethings who have no interest in having fun... at least with me. Maybe I'm putting off a vibe... probably. I need to work on that.

Overall though, I can't complain. I really like a quote my Marriage and Family Professor always says:

"Life is hard, but you can do hard things"
-Dr. Hill

I love my new roommate Kellee. We have so much fun together. Sometimes we get really bored and drive to Walmart singing N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys at the top of our lungs, and sometimes we dance around the apartment.

Sometimes.... we make chin videos.

I'm glad she's my age though. She goes to Acaydia, just down the street from here and knows a lot about skin... and likes to curl my hair. I still hang out a lot with Claire [like every freaking day] and Marcus. Yeah, I know, it's probably not a good thing, but I'm going to be honest here. He's my best friend. I have a good time with him. He makes me happy- dating or no dating. Period. So I'm not going to deprive myself from having a good time and being myself.

I'll post more on some other prevalent things that have been happening in my life here in a tid bit. Right now, I need to get up and walk around my apartment. My back is killing me.