Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Sweet Surprise!

So as some of you may know, I started dating this guy very recently (like a few days ago). We've been hanging out a lot, getting to know each other better, and then today, I got a HUGE surprise! Before I tell you about it though, let me give you back story.

Justin and I met a few weeks ago at a movie night. My roommate was dating the guy who lived next door to him and we headed over to Justin's to see a movie. There happened to be like 20 people crammed into the apartment and I don't like being squished in big crowds in small spaces. So when I walked in and sat down, I became really uncomfortable, and got up (not 2 minutes later) and left.

A few days later, I was back at Glennwood and I ended up playing volleyball with him. I thought he was super funny and pretty cute and I mentioned to AP (Kellee's boyfriend) that I thought so. Ap, being the wonderful friend he is, set up a hiking date to the hot springs Friday night. Of course, with my luck, Justin misunderstood the text AP sent and brought along a girl from his ward, leaving my to tag along on my own blind date with AP other two roommates, AP, Kellee and Justin and his date, Alyssa.

Naturally, I was a bit perturbed that this happened, but I figured it was for the best, and moved along. The next day, AP told me that he talked to Justin and found out that he misunderstood the text and that he was in fact single. I did the only logical thing, which was get Justin's number (duh). That Sunday Justin invited me to dinner with his sister and then a movie night. After that, things just snowballed. He's a great guy, super sweet, super funny, and before I knew it we were dating.

Anyway, Justin had been telling me for a while that he had this huge surprise for me, so I was looking forward to it all week!

Justin and I were sitting on the couch yesterday, staring at his homework when there was a really loud knock at the door. When I answered the door, no one was there, but I did find a book and a note on my doormat:

Now, funny story about this book is that I use to read it all the time as a kid and I would giggle and giggle about all the silly things. Monday, Kellee and I were talking about it. We were sitting in my room and she turned to me and asked me what my favorite book was as a child. You can imagen my surprise when two days later, said book showed up on my doorstep.

Justin and I followed the clue to my mail box where we found an envelope with some puzzle pieces in it. I tried to play it off like I wasn't excited because I wasn't sure who exactly was leading my along. I felt that it would be weird if it was another and I was being all excited about it. We put the pieces together to find our next clue:

We hurried over to the duck pond and spent a good 15 minutes searching for the third clue. It was really funny because I think we circled the pond a good 4 or 5 times before trying the trail above the duck pond. It was up there we found not on the 3rd clue, but my favorite flowers as well:

All this time I kept asking Justin if he had something to do with this. He played it off well telling me he never knew the duck pond existed (which is actually a true story), and explain that we would have found the flowers faster if it was actually him. I believed him. Back at my apartment, I found a trail of hershey kisses leading to my door and a note inside my room:

Immediately I knew it was Justin. It was so adorable and thoughtful of him! Earlier in the week, I was telling him that I had never been asked to a dance, and I guess he decided to do something about that! Underneath the note asking me to the dance was another piece of paper and a fortune cookie:

Inside the cookie was a little slip of paper that read "If I'm your guy!"
It was one of the best nights ever! I felt really lucky to have met Justin and I am so excited to get to know him better. I guess I really know how to pick them, huh? Haha!

A Very Mitchell Week

So my little brother Mitchell came into town on Wednesday and it was so good to see him again! The last year I was in High School, him and I became pretty close s the move out here to Provo was kind of hard and I was a little worried that we wouldn't be as close as we were before. No worries though, we had a blast half camping,


paint balling,

and hiking!

So cute. Anyway, it was really sad dropping him off at EFY in SLC at the U. I can't wait to see him in a few weeks. Hopefully we're going to get him down here to play paintball again since we really enjoyed that!