Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sonnet Writing

Once upon a time I wrote a sonnet. I was asked to share that sonnet with people on various social media sites. Here is that sonnet:

Through darkest nights I choose to walk alone
And searching, shifting, sifting through my life  
I seek a place, a hidden little home
In which to hide my saddest pain and strife.
To keep despair inside me, or relent?
And can I leave this secret song unsung?
But then shall all my lonely days be spent,
Like smoke beneath a ceiling I’ll stay hung.    
Yet, even as a tempest sea does toss
My insubstantial heart about its waves,
A man does take my storm and make it stay.
The Christ, the Son of God does take my loss
And with his perfect life my soul he saves.
Through him my darkest nights are brought to day.

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